Brand Destruction is Only a Hack or Missed Opportunity Away

Most folks involved in the retail goods and services segment understand that social media has become an absolute MUST and not something to be ignored. Like it or not, understand it or not, get it or not, social media is a reality which companies simply must address. But claiming a social media presence no longer... Continue Reading →

Business Formation and Expansion Program

I am pleased to announce that the Texas Wesleyan School of Law is presenting a program next week on current issues in business formation and expansion.  I will be presenting a discussion on franchising, licensing, and internal expansion strategies as well as moderating a panel of experts on the tax planning considerations every business owner... Continue Reading →

Congrats to Texas Wesleyan Moot Court

OK.  So this post has absolutely nothing to do with franchising, but I am extremely proud to announce that the moot court team I coached this year at the Texas Wesleyan University School of Law achieved great honors this past weekend, and I wanted to share that pride with all who read. We just returned from... Continue Reading →

A Salute to the Franchise World on Veteran’s Day

This post is somewhat different from my usual but, then again, this day (yesterday officially) is unlike any other day of the year.  Being a veteran and now being involved in the franchise world, it is incredibly rewarding for me to see the efforts being made by the franchise industry to assist our warriors as... Continue Reading →

FTC Issues New FAQ Which Might Require Revisions to ITEM 12 Territory Disclosure

On October 16, the FTC issued FAQ #37 which disallows franchisors from claiming to award an “exclusive territory” if it reserves the right to open franchised or company outlets in so-called “non-traditional venues” like airports, arenas, hospitals, hotels, malls, military installations, national parks, schools, stadiums and theme parks. Many franchisors have long excluded these closed... Continue Reading →

Canadian Lawsuit Highlights the Importance of Franchisors Protecting their Brands

I recently read an article about a lawsuit involving Dunkin Donuts and the duty of franchisors to actively take steps to protect their brands and the consequences of failing to do so.  Although the lawsuit was based in Canada, it shines an indelible light on the importance of monitoring the various factors which play a... Continue Reading →

Creating a Turn-Key Enterprise

As I began to consider what to write for my inaugural blog posting, it occurred to me that most business owners considering a franchise system as a method of expansion frequently find themselves at a crossroads full of unanswered questions. How much capital do I need to expand and how much capital do I have... Continue Reading →

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