FOCUSED. DETAILED. UNWAVERING. These are the principles on which DL Pratt, PC was founded.  Drawing on years of experience in a full-service law firm and as general counsel for a large national franchise brand, David Pratt reinvented the practice of law to provide emerging brands and entrepreneurs with the comprehensive legal services needed to achieve growth and success without sacrificing compliance and efficiency. The firm takes a unique and personal approach to advising our clients, beginning each project with a “make the deal work” attitude.  From start-up companies to established businesses, our clients can count on uncompromising service delivered in the most efficient manner possible.


DISCLAIMER: While we certainly hope the information posted on this site is helpful, and while many of you are existing clients, the posts and comments contained on this site are solely for informational purposes and are in no way intended to be, or interpreted or construed as, legal advice or as creating an attorney-client relationship. The information contained in the articles provided on this site was derived from reasonably reliable third-party sources, but no representation is made regarding the accuracy of such information. The firm will not accept or respond to legal questions or inquiries submitted in response to a post or otherwise submitted through this site, and no information submitted in response to any post or otherwise submitted through this site will be deemed confidential or privileged. If you have a legal question or concern, you should contact an attorney of your choice.

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