A Salute to the Franchise World on Veteran’s Day

This post is somewhat different from my usual but, then again, this day (yesterday officially) is unlike any other day of the year.  Being a veteran and now being involved in the franchise world, it is incredibly rewarding for me to see the efforts being made by the franchise industry to assist our warriors as they return home.  As a first-time attendee at the International Franchise Association Convention earlier this year, I was in the process of determining just how far I wanted to transition my legal practice from appellate work to franchise law when I had the privilege of meeting one of our many wounded warriors, SSG Shilo Harris, who had been seriously injured five years earlier by roadside bomb in Iraq.  Being a couple of old Army boys in the franchise world (who also happen to be from Texas and share a love for hunting, fishing, and everything outdoors), it was easy for us to connect and strike up a friendship which I’m proud to say continues to this day.  But it was the reason Shilo was at the convention in the first place that has drawn me deeper into the franchise world.  Like many others, Shilo and his incredible bride Kathreyn have been involved in the IFA’s VetFran program, which was designed to assist returning soldiers to identify and secure franchise opportunities in an effort to help each of them build a business and a post-military career.  The IFA recently released a video entitled “From Honor to Owner” which stars my good friend and highlights these efforts.  Having personally observed the impact that this program has on returning soldiers, I can truly say that this is one of the greatest concepts I have ever witnessed and one which I am hopeful will allow our warriors to regain traction in life as we all endeavor to rebuild the economy of our great nation.  I am not an official member of the VetFran program or its leadership, so my purpose in post this has no motive other than (1) thanking those who have brought the VetFran program into existence for your diligence in ensuring that our warriors have opportunities when they return, and (2) voicing my opinion on one of the more rewarding aspects of franchising your business.

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